ii: the high priestess

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The High Priestess is a motherly figure but she lacks the warmth and love we might expect. She carries a book of laws and rules, simple guidelines perhaps. She expects us, her children, to conform to the structure that society has developed and passed down to her from her mother. She wants us to know what she knows, but she does not expect us to live exactly how she has lived. She has a unique face - like no other character in The Handshake Tarot. She provides us with a unique source of growth and gestation. It is still quite early in The Tarot, and we need to learn the boundaries of this world. The High Priestess represents that moment in our early lives when we were undefined. She was there when we were the most pure, the most innocent and the most safe. What messages were inscribed inside our minds at that time? How has her long experience prepared us for our lives?

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