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The Wheel of Fortune represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. It is the boundary between the first and last ten cards of The Major Arcana and indicates both a completion and a new generation. The arcana that follow this card are much more spiritual and imaginative than the arcana that precede it. We have moved in to the next dimension. Two beasts climb around the wheel. Could they be human or related to humans? Are they riding the wheel or influencing its progress as it rotates? The axle of the wheel is the only part that is fixed, and there we see the HNS symbol, anchoring this wheel in its environment, the blockchain.

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Decentralized Auction

The auction for x_wheel_of_fortune will begin:
  Wed, 16 Mar 2022 18:00:00 UTC
The opening price for all Handshake Tarot auctions is:
  100,000 HNS
The price drops every SIX HOURS until stopping at the reserve price of:
  600 HNS

At least 50% of all auction proceeds from The Handshake Tarot will be donated to the HNS Development Fund to promote creative content on Handshake domain names.

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