xxi: the world

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The World is the end of The Major Arcana. A sign of completeness and fulfillment. A final realization of our journey through The Tarot, our transformation. We see a woman dancing with a golden wand in her hand, matching the sparkling radiance of her golden hair. She is surrounded by the essences of the four suits of The Tarot, matching the symbols on the table in front of i_the_magician: blue emotional power, grey intelligence, green creative energy and golden health. The entire scene can be seen as very birth-like. A perfect, naked human emerging from an oval of life. Is The World coming toward us? Or is she standing at the final gateway, floating in space and beckoning us forward to the breach? She is complete, flawless, finished. But she also represents a limit, an ending. You cannot arrive at The World until your work is done and your self-reflection is complete. Her foot is the only occurrence of the capital letter B in The Handshake Tarot.

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