xvi: the tower

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The Tower symbolizes a mighty feat of human engineering and power. Constructed from all the single-digit prime numbers in the ASCII palette, it is rooted in a serious foundation and built to last. But alas, it did not last. Has lightning from the heavens struck The Tower? Blasting its crown apart and sending its inhabitants tumbling toward the ground? Or are we seeing a burst of energy explode from the top of The Tower, projecting boundless energy upward to the sky? We could be seeing a celebration, in which dancers perform handstands. Either way, something is being unleashed. Tension has been released either upward or downward. A container has been compromised.

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The auction for xvi_the_tower will begin:
  Thu, 17 Mar 2022 06:00:00 UTC
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  100,000 HNS
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  600 HNS

At least 50% of all auction proceeds from The Handshake Tarot will be donated to the HNS Development Fund to promote creative content on Handshake domain names.

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